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Gail Frizzell

Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist
Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Movement Analyst
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Integrate Mind, Body, and Spirit to

Feeling disconnected…distressed…stuck in the same old groove? These are callings to grow and recreate ourselves. Yet we become entrenched in old habits and thought patterns, even when those behaviors rob us of vital energy, creativity, and joy.

If that sounds familiar, I invite you to explore the possibility to step into a new pattern…to be the narrator of a different life story…to finally align your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

My practice encompasses using the body as a vehicle to achieve physical and emotional wellness, deepen your connection to self, and ignite your authenticity.

Click on the links below to learn more, or call me at (707) 742-4399 to discuss your situation.

holistic therapist gail frizzell

Dance/Movement Therapy

Become an agent of change, anchored in your own body, to achieve fundamental and lasting change.

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holistic therapist gail frizzell

Mind/Body Resilience

Increase your inner resources, reflection, and resiliency to better cope with hardships and challenges.

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yoga therapist gail frizzell


Tap into ancient wisdom practices to address health challenges, wellness, and balance.

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I am a mind/body practitioner, dance/movement therapist, psychotherapist, mediator, yoga and dance teacher, and dancer.

I bring many gifts to the studio, mat, non-verbal and verbal psychotherapy arenas.

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